Certified Lean Design Engineer for Manufacturing & Assembly (CLDeMA)

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Welcome to Lean Society. At Lean Society, we are committed to advancing lean manufacturing principles to foster environments where efficiency, reliability, safety, and durability aren’t just goals – they are fundamental standards. Through rigorous research, expert-led certifications, and a collaborative think tank approach, we empower organizations to transform their operations and set new benchmarks in manufacturing excellence.

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Our Mission

Lean Society is dedicated to revolutionizing manufacturing practices across the globe. We champion lean principles to help businesses enhance operational efficiency, minimize waste, and improve product quality while prioritizing safety and security. Our mission is to build a sustainable future for manufacturing that not only benefits industries but also contributes positively to economies and communities.

Our Vision

To be the leading authority in lean manufacturing, driving innovation, and setting the global standard for operational excellence. We envision a world where every manufacturing entity operates at peak efficiency, with unwavering commitment to reliability, safety, and durability.