The War on Parsing Continues,a Small Change to 英雄联盟下载平台 Reportsand Better Spam Management


We’ve narrowed down the remaining parsing issues in 英雄联盟下载平台 to inline comments, lingering comment history, and comment history

We’ve narrowed down the remaining parsing issues in 英雄联盟下载平台 to inline comments in Thunderbird, lingering comment history from Microsoft Word 15, and a recent bug involving comment history with Microsoft Outlook.

While identifying the remaining parsing issues was half the battle, we’ve also successfully nipped these lingering bugs in the last two weeks bringing the war on parsing to a triumphant close. As a refresher, here’s what the various parsing bugs looked like, and what problems you can expect to see less of in 英雄联盟下载平台.

Mozilla Thunderbird Parsing

You might recognize this annoying bug by responseless emails, seemingly only echoing your most recent reply. We successfully eliminated the Thunderbird bug before, but it recently popped up again as a result of a fix for another bug. We are happy to announce that we have eradicated the Mozilla parsing bug once and for all.

Microsoft Word 15 and Outlook

You might have noticed certain email threads appearing as nothing more than an infinite thread of comment history, making customer responses very difficult to read or reference, and causing enormous tickets to slow down accounts.

Once we were able to pinpoint the cause of the bugs sourcing from Word and Outlook with the help of reports from our customers, it was just a matter of building out a fix.

Moving the Leaderboard to 英雄联盟下载平台 Reports

As we transition over to 英雄联盟下载平台 Reports, we’ve moved the Team Leaderboard from the old Dashboard into 英雄联盟下载平台 Reports under Team in the left sidebar between the Ticketing and Knowledge Base options. On the Leaderboard you’ll be able to view the number of tickets completed per agent, and a general overview of their awesome rating count.

Better Spam Management

Based on customer demand, we’ve improved the Spam management functions we have in 英雄联盟下载平台. While we always had Rules and Folders to manage spam in the past, and it’s always best to manage spam at your server before forwarding the email into 英雄联盟下载平台, we have expanded some of our management options to make it easier to control spam in 英雄联盟下载平台.

Now, when you mark an email as Spam, the email address will post to an account wide blacklist, and any email coming in from that email address will automatically be marked as spam. If you need to remove an address from the blacklist, you’ll be able to unmark as spam in your spam settings to start receiving emails from that address again.

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Lesley is the head of support at 英雄联盟下载平台. Her specialties include troubleshooting bugs, tracking trends, and finding the perfect GIF for any given occasion.

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